No Butter, No Problem

It's a baker's worst nightmare. You're down to your last stick of butter, and you have a hankering to bake (and consequently eat) something delicious. Surely whatever you want to bake requires anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 full sticks of butter. What do you do??

I've gotten into the habit of buying my butter in bulk when it's on sale at the grocery store (1 pound--or four sticks--of butter for $2! It's a steal compared to the full price at $5!). Every time it's on sale I'll buy a pack or two and just throw it in my freezer to defrost the next time I want to bake. Sadly, I've reached the end of my supply, and have been trying to stretch my butter until the next $2 sale. I'm hoping this will be coming any week now that the holidays approaching, but in the meantime I've found some great no-butter recipes and general butter substitutes. 


It might sound strange if you've never heard of it, but yes you can substitute applesauce for butter. In my experience it does change the texture a bit, making the finished product a bit more dense. But I do feel good knowing that I'm cutting some calories with this method. Try starting out with substituting only half of the required butter with applesauce and see how you like it. If it meets your approval in the end, then you can substitute all of the butter for applesauce the next time you use that recipe. 

Coconut Oil

I've only recently discovered coconut oil so this one is still a bit new to me. But I have tried it with some success, and given its other great uses (particularly for DIY beauty/moisturizing) I like to keep a jar in my kitchen to use whenever I need it.

Mashed Avocado

Admittedly, I have never used this one, but after reading about it I definitely want to give it a try! Apparently this works well in cookie recipes, creating a softer, chewier baked good.

Now for some photos. These are some of the delicious things I've baked using butter substitutes. Hope you're inspired!

Skinny Brownies

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