All the Carbs

In today's world of fad diets, white bread has become a huge luxury for many of us trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I grew up eating it, loving it, and subsequently vowing never to switch to the atrocity that is whole wheat. Well, it turns out that diabetes runs in my family, and in addition to that it would behoove me to make some smart decisions about what I put in my body. Thus, I made the long-dreaded switch to buying whole wheat bread, and believe it or not, I have actually grown quite fond of it over the years. 

Recently, my boyfriend came home with SIX loaves of white bread that he needed to use for a photo shoot -- that's just about 120 slices of bread, if you want to do the math. Well, it turns out that he only used two loaves for his shoot, so now we've got 80 slices of white bread chilling in our kitchen.

The White Bread Challenge Begins

The White Bread Challenge Begins

Firstly, I am totally eating this bread since my love of all carbs is a known fact. Secondly, I cannot bring myself to waste perfectly good food, so I've  managed to turn this into the ultimate challenge of what to do with all this white bread. And here we begin...

Over the course of 3 weeks, I've made: three batches of french toast; one small batch of bread stuffing (Thanksgiving came early this year!); and lately I've resorted to eating eggs over toast every morning for breakfast. We are down to 1 1/2 loaves, and you don't even know the struggle. I am running out of ideas for what to make with this white bread. Also, my boyfriend has basically stopped eating it so I'm left to complete this challenge solo. Wish me luck!