Paleo Pancakes: A+ for Effort

Happy Snow Day! Because I'm on a paleo diet this week, I thought a snowy day home from work would be the perfect opportunity to try some paleo pancakes. 

I found a recipe that called for mashed banana and almond flour, both of which I had on hand. I noticed the batter was much darker in color than regular pancakes, and because of the absence of flour they cooked differently. They weren't the light and fluffy pancakes I'm used to, but ended up being pretty dry, dense and mealy. Oh, and they completely burnt on the griddle. The batter was still raw on the top when it was burnt on the bottom, which made the pancakes really hard to flip.

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Easy Breakfast Solutions for the Morning Impaired

Rise and shine, kiddies! As an avid snoozer, I'm probably the furthest thing from a morning person. I relish those last moments snuggled up in bed before I have to get up and start my workday. Yup, I'm a sleepyhead at heart. 

With that said, I'm always looking for ways to optimize my morning routine so I can sleep as late as possible. I pick my outfit the night before, and I've figured out the least amount of makeup I can wear while still looking presentable. But something I really can't compromise is my breakfast. 

When I was a child, my mom always made sure that I got into the habit of eating breakfast every morning. Regardless of what I ended up with, she said it was better to have something in my stomach than nothing.  As an adult, this is one of the things that has been instilled in me and I always make sure to eat something before leaving for work. 

I've been in a bit of a breakfast rut lately and struggling to figure out what I can eat that is quick and easy. Well, I'm happy to announce that my mornings have improved tenfold after reading that you can freeze pancakes and defrost them in the microwave for breakfast. The other night I whipped up a batch of Alton Brown's pancakes and stuck them in the freezer to devour for breakfast the next few days. They were just as fluffy and warm as they were when they came off the griddle. Success! And guess what, it was that much easier to get out of bed the next day! Guess all I need is a little food motivation ;)

Happy Flapjacks

Happy Flapjacks

A great reason to get out of bed in the morning :)

A great reason to get out of bed in the morning :)

Some other quick fixes for breakfast, which can also be prepared the night before: 

  • French Toast (I like to bake mine so that the batter is more evenly cooked.)
  • Mini Frittatas (A great way to use up those extra veggies before they go bad!)
  • Make-Your-Own Instant Oatmeal (You can make whatever flavor your heart desires. Just add some liquid and pop it in the microwave for an instant hot breakfast.)

Hope this inspires you to eat your breakfast! They say it's the most important meal of the day, after all ;)